The "Divorce Dress" Is Taking Off in the U.K.


The end of a marriage is never easy, but what if fashion could help ease the pain? British astrologist, relationship coach, and therapist (phew!) Nicolas Aujula has created a gown specifically made for women going through divorces, described as “a stunning dress created to celebrate your divorce in a beautiful emerald shade chosen for its significance of healing the heart and creating emotion balance.” Interested parties can purchase the full-length gown for $5,495 or a mini for $4,700—the price for both includes a custom fitting.


The woman modeling the dress is Lisa Palmer, a British viral TV sensation of sorts, who has recently gone through her own divorce. While designer Aujula speaks about only the healing power of the green color, Palmer makes a point for it being more than that.

“The design is not only beautiful and feminine but the cut also adds a touch of sexiness. The supportive corset give you amazing lift and the flowing skirt makes you feel special from the inside out,” she told The Daily Mail. Honestly, this one feels like a case of whatever works for you.

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